What Time Zone Is Grangeville Idaho In?

Grangeville's Time Zone
Grangeville Idaho Is In Pacific Time Zone.

If you travel approximately 50 miles south from Grangeville, Idaho, you’ll travel the State Highway 95 corridor, right along side of the mighty Salmon River where you’ll enjoy scenic landscapes that also provide wonderful photography opportunities.   

Moving south, you’re also skirting tiny communities such as White Bird, Slate Creek, and Lucille as your approach takes you closer to Riggins Idaho.  Before arriving in Riggins, you’ll cross the “Time Change Bridge” that spans the width of the Salmon River into a new timezone.  

Mountain Standard Time begins here in Riggins, a small river community that comes alive during milder months of the year as Idaho’s Whitewater Rafting epicenter.  Should you continue your travels south along Hwy 95, you will indeed, continue in Mountain Time Zone all the way to Boise Idaho and beyond.   

Near Boise, if you travel westward and cross into the State of Oregon, you’ll return back into the Pacific Time Zone. 

Grangeville Idaho, and other towns and cities to the north,  along State Hwy 95, are poised on the eastern most border of the Pacific Timezone, all the way to Canada.