How Far Is It From Boise to Grangeville Idaho

Distance Map from Boise to Grangeville

There are two common routes from Boise to Grangeville Idaho.   In either case, when you cross the Salmon River Time Bridge in Riggins heading north, you’re in a different time zone.  So adjusting for the time change from Mountain Time to Pacific Time, it takes approximately 4 hours linear time to travel by vehicle from Boise to Grangeville.

The most scenic route from Boise  to Grangeville, Idaho is via Hwy 55 which will meander through mountain towns to the beautiful resort town of McCall,  and onward via Hwy 95 at the junction in New Meadows.   You’ll stay on Hwy 95 North through Riggins and along the Salmon River to Grangeville.  This route as indicated on the map above, highlighted in blue, is approximately 198 miles.   

The second route that many take from Boise to Grangeville is to travel west – northwest from Boise on I-84 and before crossing the Oregon border, you turn off of I-84 at the Hwy 95 exit.  From there you stay on Hwy 95 all the way to Grangeville.  Because you’re traveling further west, this route adds a few miles to the total, however the route meanders through mostly flat, agricultural and ranching communities, with one mountain pass right before New Meadows.  Often this route can be easier especially with weekend traffic and varying weather conditions.

Adjusting for road work, weather conditions, overall traffic and your speed of travel,  either route will take about 4 linear hours to arrive in Grangeville Idaho.