Grangeville Idaho 3 to 5 Acre Lots For Sale

Crimson Ridge Subdivision

Summer is the perfect time to tour the area of Grangeville Idaho when you’re surveying the real estate market, looking at  land for sale.   

The weather in Grangeville is mild, the mountains provide beautiful views from every vantage point, fields of bright yellow canola create a brilliant patchwork of  color to the landscape and the traffic is minimal.   

Crimson Ridge Subdivision is a planned community offering low priced, high quality 3 to 5 acre home-sites just 1 mile south of Grangeville City Limits

The amenities you’ll find at Crimson Ridge Subdivision add a whole lot of value to the property itself when you consider that there is no planning and zoning in Idaho County, and that can lead to lower home values and a visually unattractive setting.  

Gentle  covenants and protections at Crimson Ridge Subdivision ensure that homeowners  maintain the integrity in the property values without the random pile of old campers and junk disturbing quality of home sites.    In fact, trailers, mobile homes, trucks, boats, tractors, campers, garden or maintenance equipment and vehicles other than automobiles are required to be hidden from view of from public rights-of-way within the subdivision.  Furthermore, no trailers, manufactured or modular homes shall be used as a temporary or permanent dwelling and no noxious or offensive activities shall be conducted on any Lot.  These and other protections are a welcomed part of the Crimson Ridge lifestyle and ensure peace of mind and quality of life for all homeowners.   

As far as structures on each property, three total are permitted,  one of which may be occupied. Outbuildings to be same design and materials as main residence.

Homeowners can keep up to 3 pets but all pets are confined to their home area and are not permitted to wander the neighborhood.  

Crimson Ridge property owners enjoy snow removal during the seasonal accumulations, as well as paved and lighted streets.   

And finally, Crimson Ridge residents enjoy common areas that include the bike, golf cart, walk paths, and an open space common area.   

If you’re searching for a new location to build your dream home and want to avoid many of the “surprises” that follow hand-in-hand with a county that has never established planning and zoning regulations and statutes, even on the soft side, you’ll definitely want to learn more about Crimson Ridge Subdivision and the 3-5 acre lots available for your selection.   

As of this writing, 12 of 24 lots are ready for your purchase.   Which view is for you?